Role jenkins/deploy

Deploy the jenkins webapp into a application server. Currently only apache tomcat is supported.

The application server is not started after dropping jenkins. Neither is it stopped before doing that.

It will download and drop jenkins into the tomcat at catalina_base.

Role jenkins core


  • jenkins_download_mirror – Mirror to download from (default:
  • jenkins_deploy_default_context_path – Apache tomcat context path (default: “jenkins”).
  • version – Jenkins version to install (eg. 1.643)
  • checksum – Checksum for the jenkins archive (eg. 4b7ba7a5af0a5c395c0740fc011b59d1)
  • catalina_base – Tomcat instance to install into.
  • jenkins_home – Jenkins instance home.
  • context_path – Apache tomcat context path (default: “{{jenkins_deploy_default_context_path}}”)
  • cache_directory – Where to cache downloaded artifacts for future reuse on play host.

The context_path becomes part of your jenkins url. Change to ROOT to deploy it at the top-level.