Role jenkins/configure-email-notification

Configure the email notification part of the jenkins configuration.

Role jenkins configure-email-notification


  • jenkins_home – Jenkins instance home.
  • smtp_host – SMTP host to configure. If undefined mailer is reset to null.
  • smtp_port – SMTP port (default: 587).
  • smtp_replyto – Sender email address.
  • smtp_usessl – Use SSL for smtp connection? (default: false).
  • smtp_user – Username for smtp authentication. This is optional.
  • smtp_password – Password for smtp authentication.
  • smtp_charset – Character set for emails (default: utf-8).

If smtp_host is null then all other attributes are optional.

If smtp_host is given then smtp_replyto is required too.

If smtp_username is given then smtp_password is required too.

Parameter smtp_usessl is about SSL not TLS!