Role lang/java/oracle-sdk

Download and install oracle java sdk.

Role lang/java oracle-sdk


  • lang_java_oracle_sdk_server – The download server.
  • lang_java_oracle_sdk_version – The default java version to install (default: none).
  • version – The java version number to install (eg. 1.8.0_65)(default: {{lang_java_oracle_sdk_version}}.
  • build – The build number of the version (eg. 17).
  • platform – The platform to download.
  • format – The format to download.
  • prefix – Install prefix (default: {install_prefix}/java).
  • server – Server to download from (default: {})
  • cache_directory – Where to cache downloaded artifacts for future reuse on play host.

Values for platform are “linux-x64” and “windows-i568”. All valid values can be seen at the download page. They are part of the archive filename.

Values for format are “tar.gz” and ”.Z”. Downloading and installing rpms or .exe is not yet implemented.

The prefix directory needs to exist and writable.


The resulting JAVA_HOME is {prefix}/jdk{version}