Role apache/tomcat-8/instance

Create a tomcat 8 instance.
Role apache tomcat-8-instance




  • apache_tomcat_8_default_version – Default tomcat version to install (default: unset)
  • apache_tomcat_8_instance_catalina_home – Default CATALINA_HOME to use for instance setup (default: {{apache_tomcat_prefix}}/apache-tomcat-{{tomcat_version|default(apache_tomcat_8_default_version)}})
  • apache_tomcat_8_instance_manager_apps – Default tomcat webapps to activate for the instance (default: all - see below)
  • apache_tomcat_8_java_opts – Default options for the jvm
  • manager_apps – Default tomcat webapp to activate for the instance (default: “{{apache_tomcat_8_instance_manager_apps}}”
  • catalina_base – Base directory of the new tomcat instance.
  • catalina_home – The apache tomcat install to use.
  • java_home – Java installation to use for running tomcat.
  • java_opts – Options for the jvm.
  • server_port – Server port (default: {{apache_tomcat_server_port}}).
  • http_connector_port – Http connector port (default: {{apache_tomcat_http_connector_port}}).
  • ajp_connector_port – Ajp connector port (default: {{apache_tomcat_ajp_connector_port}}).
  • cache_directory – Where to cache downloaded artifacts for future reuse on play host.


This creates a tomcat instance with an empty conf/ directory. The next step is to add some configuration. As there is no common tomcat configuration that fits all use cases its your responsibility to fill in the configuration according to your needs.

The role role-apache/tomcat-8/configuration-default copies the default tomcat configuration which is NOT SUITED FOR PRODUCTION USE. Its only provided for convenience in development setups.

The role role-apache/tomcat-8/configuration-copy can be used to copy a complete directory into `conf/.

Default Applications

Tomcats comes with the following web applications

  • “host-manager”
  • “manager”
  • “ROOT”
  • “examples”
  • “docs”